At Calvary Church we are intentional about Making A Difference - around the world and right here in our community.  Check out some of our areas of ministry:
Calvary Church has adopted our neighboring middle school, Mt. Pisgah.  We have served snacks and lunch to teachers, and have volunteered at their Field Day.  If you would like to help reach out to Mt. Pisgah on a regular basis, contact the church office at [email protected].

Disasters happen. That is an unfortunate fact of life.  Many times the victims of these disasters are left without even the most basic needs and supplies.  Crisis Care Kits are designed to help meet that need.  When a disaster happens these kits are distributed to those in need to give a little comfort andthe encouragement to know that someone cares!  If you would like to prepare one of the kits, several kits or simply donate some of the items needed for the kits you can be assured they will be used to help meet a great need when a crisis arises.  The list of what should be included in the kits is HERE.  You may bring the kits to the church office during the week or leave them at the welcome center in the  church lobby.  To see what the Church of the Nazarene has done with these kits both in the U.S. and around the world click HERE.

The purpose of the Funeral Meal Ministry (FMM) is to minister to those within our church family through the preparation and serving of a meal at Calvary Church after the funeral service.  The funeral service does not have to take place at Calvary Church, only the meal.  

The funeral meal will be for Calvary Church members/attendees defined as the following:        
  • Attendee is defined as a person/family who is consistently involved in the life of the church every month.        
  • Meal will be provided for death of member/attendee or death of immediate family of member/attendee (i.e. spouse, parents, children (adopted, half or step), spouse of children, grand children, brother(s) and sister(s).

Team Members
We are divided up into teams with each team having a Team Leader.  When there is a need, you will be contacted by your team leader and asked to provide food and if your schedule allows, you will be asked to help serve and clean up the day of the meal.  Depending on the need of our church family, you should only be called on a few times a year.

Team Leaders
As a Team Leader you are responsible to contact the members of your team to coordinate a meal for the family.  You will be given a date and time the meal will be served as well as the number expected.  In addition to organizing the food, you will need to ask members of your team whose schedules allow, if they would come to the church to help set up, serve and clean up.
If you would like to participate in the Funeral Meal Ministry, either as a Team Leader or a Team Member, please send an email to Donna Drain ([email protected])  or call 901-490-5848.