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Worship + Arts at Calvary Church is powered by two priorities:

  1. Lead, model and teach a lifestyle of worship for the people of Calvary Church.
  2. Make involvement in Worship & Arts accessible to as many people as possible.

As worship leaders, we realize that we must be worshippers FIRST and ALWAYS. Psalm 92:1-2 declares, “It is good to praise the Lord and make music to Your name, O Most High, to proclaim Your love in the morning and Your faithfulness at night.” This responsibility transcends styles and preferences to unify us as we serve our community and serve one another. Genuine worship is not a performance – it is a lifestyle, and our corporate worship times provide an atmosphere of encouragement and faith to which each of us adds our voice. Our mutual agreement in celebration, declaration, gratitude and prayer is essential to our individual faith and growth.

God is infinitely creative, and we have been given many gifts with which we can honor and exalt Him. Weekend worship services offer opportunities for Music, Creative Arts and Technical Arts. Seasonal events provide additional opportunities for those who prefer short-term commitments. Everyone can participate on prayer teams, as office volunteers and as production assistants.
It’s one thing to be a singer, but an entirely different thing to be a WORSHIPPER. While we want to get people involved, we also realize that to sing a song from your heart, you have to LIVE IT. Because God alone is our audience, we always strive to offer up excellence, and we do everything we can to prepare intentionally and genuinely. When we gather to worship, our preparations give way to our testimony, and the Message is more important than the medium.

Praise Team
Serving on assigned rotation, these singers sing on microphones in six-voice combinations. With two people per vocal part, every participant must be musically prepared, able to blend with other voices, open to direction and flexible! Their forward placement as worship leaders compels them to model positive expression and good stage presence. Placement on Praise Team requires an application and an assessment (usually done in the summer) as well as previous commitment to choir opportunities. Praise Team vocalists join Rhythm and Orchestra from 8:00 – 9:00p on Wednesdays to rehearse Sunday music. Advance rehearsal music is available through our online worship ministry software, Planning Center Online. Sunday call time is 8:00a, with downbeat at 8:10a.

Participation in Orchestra is open to middle and high school and adult players. Instrumentalists are encouraged to be WORSHIPPERS FIRST and musicians second. This instrumental group welcomes all classical and contemporary instruments, and appropriate scores and charts are provided for players each week. Take-home rehearsal packets are also available upon request. Orchestra joins the PT from 8:00 – 9:00p on Wednesdays to rehearse Sunday music. Advance rehearsal music is available through our online worship ministry software, Planning Center Online. Sunday call time is 8:00a, with downbeat at 8:10a.

Guitarists, drummers and percussionists serve on assigned weekly rotation. Prospective players are welcome to sit in and play along at a Wednesday rehearsal. Advance rehearsal music is available through our online worship ministry software, Planning Center Online. Sunday call time is 8:00a, with downbeat at 8:10a.
Calvary Church has always provided opportunities for creative servants. Dinner theater shows have featured an auditioned cast in the presentation of a secular play with family appeal. Under the direction of producer Dr. David Evans, over 200 cast, choir and crew worked to present The Passion Play at Calvary Church for fifteen years. In a unique approach to this traditional concept, the Biblical account of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection was paralleled with a modern story line.

Dr. Evans also led Calvary Church through additional creative ministry projects: the production of two faith-based feature films. The first, THE GRACE CARD, released in theaters in February 2012. The original script tells the story of two police officers – one white and one black – as they struggle with forgiveness and reconciliation. THE GRACE CARD was filmed entirely at locations in the Memphis area. The second feature film, INDIVISIBLE, was released in theaters in October 2018. INDIVISIBLE is based on the true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife, Heather as they struggled through the real effects of war on their family. Both projects are available on DVD.

We also recognize that there are many performance and artistic gifts yet to be explored at Calvary Church. If you have skills, experience or interest in drama, graphic design, dance, public speaking/readings, photography, creative writing, puppetry, painting, mime, videography, sign language, modern art, magic, graphics or any other form of public or creative expression, we want to talk to you!

Though best described as a “thankless job,” there is no more important place of service in Worship + Arts. Literally everything we present is supported by an army of technicians. Serving on a weekly rotational schedule, those with aptitude for video, computer, lighting, sound or electronics provide essential support for our weekend services. Personnel are trained on the job with current team members.

As the team continues to expand, there are opportunities for live and recorded audio/video production, lighting design and live support, set design and construction, props managers, stage hands, producers and technical directors.